Every person deserves a solid basis upon which to build their life.

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Our Mission

Basic Dignities is dedicated to undertaking projects bringing basic human dignities, including clean water, education, health care, and more to communities both nationally and internationally where such services are insufficient for the wellbeing of those who live there. Each project is an opportunity to not only bring life-extending care to those in need, but to potentially increase the use of sustainable materials, improve on currently used systems, and offer the means for communities to take genuine ownership of new programs and systems implemented. All projects will be based on community need and provided on a charitable basis without consideration to race, religion, or any other legally protected status.


What We Do

Leveraging our team skills in civil and environmental engineering, plus fundraising, project management, and training, we identify and undertake one significant project at a time to provide a sustainable, self-managed system to address one or more of these "Basic Dignities" for communities that are committed to improving the well-being for all their residents. We will consistently work in partnership with local leaders and workers with the goal of improving the local economy while introducing a customized, sustainable, and locally-maintainable system to address one or more basic dignity. What do we consider “Basic Dignities”?


clean water






Every 2 minutes a child dies from drinking contaminated water.

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Basic Dignities Corporation was founded in 2016 by Brittany Sterling and Patricia Fragen. Brittany, an environmental engineer, wanted to utilize her background in water treatment to help people gain access to clean water. Patricia, who is an entrepreneur with both for and non-profit sector businesses with more individual and local focuses, wanted to utilize her background in project management, marketing, and more to create change with a community scope and no border limitations. Since inception in 2016, Basic Dignities has partnered with PresAID Uganda to complete a clean water project in Bussi, Uganda. They are currently partnering with Border Angels out of San Diego, CA to provide items for their Caravan of Love project.


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